Until We Get It Right [Music Video]

Check out our music video for our new single Until We Get It Right  off of our debut album Wake Up set to release January 2017!

More about our videos:

We believe that visuals are just as an integral part of our art as our music and message. Each song is like a chapter in a book or tv series and so we've decided to create a music video for each song off of Wake Up that will collectively tell a unified story. The story however will be told backwards starting with Until We Get It Right (chapter 9).We knew our idea would cost a fortune and being an independent duo we didn't have a major label's budget. However, we were determined to tell our story so we bought a camera initially set out to produce and film these videos on our own. We quickly realized the difficulties we would face trying to create this series with only 2 people being the talent and the crew. Many nights, I stayed up late brainstorming how we would make this into a reality. I needed an actor?...but it couldn't just be any actor. I needed a team?..but it couldn't just be any team. It had to be someone who believed in our music and vision. Someone who could really get into my brain and project the visual outward. Fate brought Max Davallo to our aid who encompassed all of those things and then-some. 

Wake Up is a conceptual album that follows the story of an odd girl who unmindfully opens a door to an unknown realm where she retrieves a dark secret that was intended to be lost at birth. She must bravely travel back through the subconscious parallel to face the shadow person that haunts her there, before it destroys her and the innocent lives plagued by the dark secret.

Directed by Modern Mimes & Max Davallo
Edited by Max Davallo

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