Abyss of Lullabies [Music Video] Premiere

Abyss of Lullabies is Chapter 7 off of the album "Wake Up." However, the troublesome song has caused quite a quarrel to make itself be known. From the beginning of it's inception I recall having to practically beg Ernesto to write it with me, let alone feature it on the album. Lo and behold, after countless battles, Abyss of Lullabies actually turned out to be one of Ernesto's favorite songs off of the album. So naturally, we put it on the album!...or did we? Or so we thought. After printing 1,000 CD's I was looking at the back track list only to find that #6 jumped to #8. Where was #7?! Abyss of Lullabies, was missing from the album artwork. After a few angry emails we realized we were going to have to make the best of the situation - 1,000 rare CD's with Abyss of Lullabies as the ghost track- will have to suffice. 

Abyss of Lullabies is a hell of conversation to explain only in words and so that is why the visuals are also such an integral part of our art and message. The lyrics and visuals were both inspired by personal experiences of a seemingly innocent and beautiful dream about being a baby again and sleeping peacefully in a baby crib, only that isn't the case in this nightmare. The dream takes a sadistic turn when I refuse to let a demon seduce me. That experience was one of the many that inspired me to write this album. Though I do not underestimate the power of the mind, Abyss of Lullabies begs to suggest we've been fighting demons since birth. There are too many things I've observed and experienced that have little to no scientific explanations. The reasoning for my persistence and sense of urgency will hopefully be declared in our works. 
Their are "wolves" dressed in suits or rags- their are enslaved souls dressed in suits or rags. 

Mark Abramowitz 
Kelly Williams  
Jason Priceman 

Produced by Modern Mimes 
Directed by Arianie Elcida Hernandez & Max Davallo  
DP & Editing by Max Davallo 
Lighting by Ernesto Paez  
Behind the scenes footage by Yaz Abellard 
Makeup/hair by Bronte Alvarez  
Wardrobe by Arianie Elcida Hernandez 

Special thanks to Frank Polanco of FP Studios